Solidarity Statement

Celebrating Womxn’s Leadership in Food (CWLF) stands in solidarity with the movement for all Black lives.

CWLF advances a social movement of women in food and farming by creating spaces for women to celebrate, connect across difference, build trust, and create community so that we may cultivate new forms of leading together to shift paradigms of power and meaningfully address ecological crises and social inequity. We center leaders who are women-identified, trans, queer, Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and whose identities intersect and transcend these categories. 

At CWLF we recognize that the food system was built on the theft from Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities of labor, land, knowledge and skills. It continues to function through the oppression of, and extraction from, Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities across the globe. The adverse effects of the resulting industrial food system disproportionately negatively impact these same communities.  Black womxn, specifically, suffer disproportionately from systemic food aparthied and violence. Black womxn are, simultaneously, the heart and power of social movement building for a more just and equitable future.

At CWLF we stand with the movement for All Black Lives and commit to continuing the work of disembedding structural racism, supporting the decolonization of the food movement and dismantling systems built on white supremacy. The violence of white supremacy and structural racism is further compounded by and interwoven with the oppressive forces of patriarchy and neoliberal capitalism – a triad of oppression disproportionately impacting womxn of color.  We believe in the necessity of deep, authentic and regenerative webs of relationship and community in order to rise up together in power and peace to tear down these oppressive forces and build the future we want. We believe this takes work that is both outward facing and inward facing; work at both the individual and community levels. 

To this end we re-commit to continuing and growing our individual capacity for education, reflection and personal decolonization. We re-commit to continuing our work to create spaces for our broader community to come together to build collective capacity to this same end. We re-commit to showing up for the Black womxn in our community and being nimble in this support. We re-commit to amplifying their voices, their wisdom, their work and their power. We re-commit to models of leadership that are collaborative and circular and that center the perspectives and work of womxn of color, and Black womxn specifically. 

In solidarity.